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Moneyway application- A case study



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Project scope

User research

1. Overview

Moneyway UI Shot
Moneyway is an all-in-one financial management platform for  SMEs. It is designed to make life easier for companies and their accountants.Through this concept, Moneyway serves as a single source for businesses' financial data. Business owners use it to run their business and ensure that operations are running smoothly, from purchasing to revenue management. As SMEs mostly use separate accountant firms, Moneyway offers accountant firms the opportunity to manage their clients' financial data

2. The UX Process

The Objectives

Gain insight via in-depth interviews around:
1. Our users needs and expectations.
2. Defining the problems our users are facing when using our app.
3. Our suggestions to enhance the experience .


a. User interviews
b. Affinity diagram
c. Journey mapping
d. Tasks flow
e. Low fidelity wireframing
f. High fidelity wireframing
g. Prototyping & usability testing
h. The user interface
Step 4 : What aspects of Moneyway causes pain to our users, and why?
To uncover what our users don't like, and what might make them want to leave/switch to another provider.

The User Interview

Key takeaways were collected from the interview. Then, I transformed those insights into an affinity map to define: pain points and ares of improvement.
Step 3 : What aspects of Moneyway do our users care about the most, and why?
What features are beneficial, and how to enhance the experience.
Step 2 : Define the motivations
To know how they used to work before Moneyway, and what features made them decide to use our app.
Step 1 : Define the user
To understand their personalities, motivations and goals.

Before the user interview

The goal is to understand our users and to know how Moneyway helps with growing their businesses.

Before the user interview


An interview was conducted with one of our users. He is an owner of a design agency with two offices, one in London and one in Liverpool. He’s an employer of two teams, 20 employees, ranging from developers, designers, projects managers, HR and sales.

Objective 1 : Our users needs and expectations.

Objective 2 : Defining the problems our users are facing when using our app.

The Affinity diagram

Pain points
Users needsUsers opportunities

Current customer  journey

Persona 1
Persona 2

Actions & Priorities

Based on the research done so far, I have developed an action plan for the next phase. Major pain points need to be resolved to avoid losing users to other platforms.
Losing money, an investment opportunity, or even a high calibre employee can affect an SME negatively.

Objective 3 : Our suggestions to enhance the experience.

Pain points to address

1. Moneyway doesn’t help users with managing their budget
user quote about painpoint 1
2. Moneyway doesn’t help users analyse their business information
user quote about painpoint 2

The task flows

Task 01: Create budget categories
Task flow 1
Task 02: Viewing and exporting reports
Task flow 2

Low fidelity wireframing

Task flow 1

High fidelity wireframing

Wireframe 1Wireframe 2Wireframe 3
Wireframe 4Wireframe 5Wireframe 5

Prototyping & usability testing

At this phase of the design process, I usually conduct a round of testing to verify my design. First, I create a prototype and develop a set of tasks that our users can do while I observe and record their reactions. I usually test the prototype on five users. It is enough for me to verify the design.I normally build the prototype on Framer as it offers a better mobile experience for testing.