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Mawdoo3 AI, introducing Arabic NLP technology



Project type

AI Services


Arabic | English

Project scope


1. Overview

Mawdoo3 AI is a website introducing Arabic NLP technology offered by for Arabic language speaking sites and platforms.

2. The UX Process

The Challenge

The main challenge was to find a way to showcase the technology and let users test drive the technology themselves to help them understand how it works.

Form follows function

The requirement was to find a way to display how the technology function by showing the user the code and the response for every action the users take.
Project wireframe

Test Drive

I’ve come up with a design that engages users with the process by test driving each action and seeing the response live.

APIs explained

As we want users to see all of the APIs offered by Mawdoo3, we needed to have them all displayed in one place. To avoid redundancies and infinite scrolling, Ive designed the content to fit in one section, and users can toggle between all APIs with ease.

4. The Responsive

responsive UI

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