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1. Overview

rakuteen tv UI design
Rakuteen TV app is an online entertainment streaming platform. It competes with industry giants like Netflix and Disney. Apart from content, the current user experience makes it hard for users to register. The main goal here was to fix the experience and increase conversion.

2. The UX Process

The Challenges of Designing For TV

Problems users were facing with the current App which affected conversion are:
Onboarding icon

The onboarding

Filling out fields are usually irritating; adding the remote control to the equation is a huge pain point.
Rakuteen landing page icon

The Landing Page

The current landing page has
a lot of secondary information that distracts users from registration.
The payment icon

The Payment

Distracting information and multistep flow cause users to abandon the payment process.
Legibility icon


TV apps have to be designed to allow legibility and comfortable interaction from the other end of the room.
Rakuteen Navigation icon


Typing on a remote is usually a painful experience; the design needs to be intuitive and make it easy for users.

TV applications UX  101

Easy Onboarding. Less clicks. Big Fonts. Different devices need different innovative experiences. People watch TV to have a relaxing, enjoyable time; however,  if the TV experience is daunting, users can easily dismiss watching TV  in favour of other entertainment outlets.
One of the major pain points for users is to use the remote control to navigate through the TV app and type in credentials. A smart design could save users from this gruelling experience.

Be in control

1- Remote controls come in different shapes and sizes.
2- X and Ok buttons are universal.
3- Use less buttons
4- Use voice command

Dim out the lights

1- TV screens are brighter than Computer screens.
2- People watch TV in the dark.
3- Use darker colors to avoid straining your users' eyes.

Sign you up

1- Make use of Technology
2- Quick & easy onboarding
3- As little input fields as possible.


1-People watch TV from a far.
2- Primary font size ≥ 24 px.Secondary font size ≥ 18 px.

The current Onboarding user flow

The current onboarding flow is problematic as it violates TV best design practices. It has 6 steps with multiple fields to complete the registration, which, using a TV remote is considered a nightmare.
Current onboarding user flow
Current rakuteen landing page designCurrent rakuteen sign up page design

Problems & Solutions

User pain points

1- So many steps.
2- Navigation, too many clicks to achieve users goal.
3- Keyboards on big screens cause eye strains.

What to do about it

1- Minimize the onboarding steps.
2- Less clicks, faster navigation.
3- Decrease the keyboard size.

The Enhanced Onboarding user flow

Enhanced rakuteen tv onboarding user flow

How fixing the keyboard can minimize users’ pain

Keyboard issues

It is spread horizontally across the screen, which can cause eye strains. For example, if a user has a 50-inch screen, their eyes will travel all the way right, left, up and down to fill out a form which causes discomfort and might lead to abandoning the task.
Current app keyboard

New Keyboard.Better Navigation

Keyboard intuitive re-design

1- Minimizing the click area by focusing the users’ attention on one part of the screen.
2- Simplifying necessary actions like Space, Delete and Clear. Instead of using ambiguous icons, using text eliminates confusion.
3- Offering quick navigation by utilizing remote control universal buttons like OK, Back, and Forward will minimize users pain and time on task.
Enhanced app keyboard

Doing the work for users

1- Offering often used information such as E-mail types :, without the need for users to input them manually.
2-Matching the keyboard with the required text inputs.  (i.e. numeric keyboard for a field that requires numbers).

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