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1. Overview

Hyatoki is a platform where females can find topics and articles that intrigues them from beauty to health to education.

2. The UX Process

The Challenge

To redesign the main page and work on a new intuitive navigational structure that will decrease the bounce rate by getting the user whose entry point is a google search to navigate the website and find more exciting articles.

The Approach

I decided to create a card sorting exercise with the targeted audience ( Female readers. Ages 18-35 ) to understand how to categorize articles. I have developed a hypothesis of creating five main categories and group similar subcategories and put them under the main related category.
Your health life image
You personal life image
Your cultural life image
Your cultural life image
Your cultural life image
You family life imageYour cultural life imageYour cultural life image
Your Cultural life
Flora & faunaidioms & quotesGeographyGeologyArts
Your Health
Diet & foodGynecology Nutritions sportsbody & skin care
Your Personal life
self care religion community
Your Family
love & marriageculinary artfamily
Your Career
Open card sorting sessions helped me come up with intuitive main categories. I then held a closed card sorting session to divide the subcategories on the main ones.

Card Sorting

Card sorting session imagecard sort session image 3

4. The Responsive

Website's responsive image

5. The Interactions