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Project type

Online Publishing Platform



Project scope

Brand Identity / UX/UI

1. Overview

Molhem is a free platform targeting Arabic speaking users. Users come to inspire and to be inspired by others. It is a community of people who are seeking a divine influence to move their intellect and emotions by sharing insights, ideas, and creativity.

2. The Brand identity  Icon-ic brand

Molhem Logo
The brand portrays the idea of helping people finding inspiration within the platform. I have created an Icon to identify the platform and to give character to the site by using it as a like button for articles that inspire.
Molhem logo iconic adaptation

3. The UX Process

Mission Conversion

The main challenge was to create a design that can increase the conversion rate. To do that, I needed to answer these questions:
A- Who are Molhem users?
B- What is stopping them from signing up and how to fix it?

Molhem Users

The previous Molhem MVP site helped me understand more about Molhem users. Based on existing users' behavior, analytical tools, and product owner's perspective on how Molhem should be, I have come up with three different personas for Molhem users.
The Regular Blogger
The Reader
The Business Blogger

Sara Masoud

Product manager

Jamel Sarhan

Family therapist

Meriam Hadi

Social media officer


Sara is a 32-year-old product manager. She is very passionate about her career and always looking for new skills to learn. She has a hectic schedule and only has around an hour a day for herself.  


Jamel is a 41- year- old family therapist. He runs a center that offers courses to new parents about parenthood. In his free time he likes to share parenting tips on his instagram page.


Meriam is a 26-year-old social media officer working for a cosmetic company. She is passionate about make- up and beauty and loves to share make- up tutorials.

“ I want a site where I can learn about different topics every day.”

“ I want a platform where I can share my knowledge with as many people as possible ”

“ I want a site with an editor that allows me to write, edit, and publish articles within deadlines.”


1- Success stories.
2- Working on interesting projects.
3- Sharing experiences with friends.


1- Helping new parents.
2- Sharing his knowledge with as many people as possible in one place.


1- Creating make-up trends.2-  Meeting deadlines.3- Advancing in her career


1- Filling forms.
2- Wasting time searching for a topic to read.
3- Reading small text.


1- Not being able to reach a bigger audience on social media.
2- Not having a platform to share lengthy articles.


1- Struggling to write and edit articles on the conventional editors.
Analyzing frustrations and pain points for Molhem’s personas, I have decided to focus my redesign on three problematic areas as a start:
1- Signing up process.
2- User’s profile.
3- The editor.
4- The user interface.

Problematic areas

User’s Profile

“I want parents to be able to find all of my articles in one place”

The Editor

“ I want an easy to use editor to quickly write and publish articles for work”

5. The Responsive

6. The Interactions